Network Spinal Analysis (AKA Network Chiropractic)

Network Spinal Analysis is a form of light touch chiropractic. It is very effective at releasing spinal and neural tension patterns that develop from physical (injury), emotional or chemical stresses that have occurred throughout a lifetime. These tension patterns and spinal distortions are referred to as "vertebral subluxations". NSA is a highly advanced neurological technique that helps your body learn strategies to release tension so you can experience more flexibility, endurance, better concentration and a vastly enhanced ability to handle stress.

How Does Network Work?


NSA uses gentle, specific touches along the spine to help your brain create more and better connections within your body. NSA helps your body shift from flight or fight physiology to one of safety and ease where you can experience increased peace, energy, better immune function and so much more. Contacts are made on specific areas of the spine called Spinal Gateways. The Gateways are areas of the spine where the covering of the spinal cord attaches to the inside of the vertebrae. Using very gentle traction on the connective tissues in the area of the Gateway, we are able to affect adverse mechanical cord tension. If the force application is any greater than a gentle touch, the nervous system will assess that as an outside force as opposed to a healing force.

NSA was first developed in the early 1980s by Dr. Donald Epstein. It is currently being utilized by thousands of practitioners around the world. Due to its dramatic and impressive health and wellness contributions, major universities both internationally and in the states are studying and researching NSA.

If you are ready to experience reduced pain, improved ability to cope with daily problems, and increased relaxation, Network Care can benefit you.


How Can Network Care Benefit Me?

A study of 2818 patients performed through the University of California, Irvine showed that Network Care is associated with significant improvement in health-related quality of life. People receiving network care reported sweeping positive outcomes relative to their physical well-being, emotional and psychological well-being, ability to cope with stress, lifestyle choices and overall quality of life. 

Under Network Care the brain develops new strategies to:

  • experience the world
  • adapt to stress
  • dissipate tension from the spine and nerves
  • connect with your body's natural rhythms
  • experience greater well being
  • make healthier choices
  • create a more self-correcting and self-reliant "magical spine"
  • develop the Somatopsychic and Respiratory "healing waves"