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We offer consultations absolutely free to help you determine if we are the right place for you, simply call 726-6010 to schedule a time. Then, fill out the Online Form. We will receive that in our office directly. Alternatively, you can request an appointment by clicking that block at the upper right, and we will call you. If you decide you are in the right place, we will do a comprehensive exam. If it is determined that chiropractic is the best treatment for you, you will come for your light touch adjustments during the hours at the right. All other appointments are scheduled outside those hours.

Spine_Universe.jpgNetwork Spinal Analysis

No appointments.
No cracking. No X-rays.
No insurance needed.

Why Network Spinal Analysis? Because everybody tends to develop SUBLUXATIONS! Subluxations are areas of spinal tension or misalignment. They are caused by stress; physical, mental or emotional. Subluxations diminish nerve flow from the brain to the body. Diminished nerve flow means less than optimal function and can lead to many health problems including pain or disease.Click the spine simulator to the right to see how different areas of spinal subluxation can affect your body. Subluxations also diminish life force in the body.We use a light touch method of chiropractic to clear subluxations, never any aggressive cracking type manipulations.

: If you have a musculo-skeletal condition, we will accept insurance. However, you will not be eligible for the wellness chiropractic memberships.

Wellness Chiropractic versus Condition based chiropractic: Wellness Chiropractic has been proven to improve one's quality of life in all dimensions. Symptom relief is often a by-product of Wellness Chiropractic, however the goal is to improve overall function and quality of life of the individual. Condition based chiropractic falls under the category of allopathic treatment. It is focused purely on the treatment of a musculoskeletal symptoms with no regard for overall wellbeing. Insurance companies only recognize this type of treatment. We off er both types of treatment. Please specify your intentions during your first visit. We offer discount packages for people interested in wellness chiropractic.

"Wellness", as defined by Charles B. Corbin of Arizona State University, is a multidimensional state of being describing the existence of positive health in an individual as exemplified by quality of life and a sense of well-being.

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