Brain Stress Testing

BrainScore NeuroTracker evolved out of a pure science approach through years of research at Prof. Faubert’s Faubert Lab. Designed to uniquely measure and enhance high-level cognitive function, it has become established as a valuable research tool for understanding human performance. Dr. Maria has adopted this tool into her clinic for any patients seeking to improve brain function.


NeuroTracker provides objective cognitive metrics on brain functions fundamental to human performance, and also relevant in cognitive conditions. High- level mental processing is required to perform NeuroTracker at increasing speed thresholds, as such, measures have been found to differentiate elite performers from amateurs, reveal characteristics of brain development with age, identify impairment with healthy aging or learning related disorders, and possibly to help to detect functional-related brain damage, such as with concussions, and reveal non-contact sports injury risks.


NeuroTracker is a simple training exercise to do, with virtually no technique or practice required within the task itself. However, performing NeuroTracker at speed thresholds evokes powerful responses in brain activity, becoming both a stimulant of neuroplasticity, and a valuable reference of it. Superior NeuroTracker learning rates have been found to be a defining characteristic of elite athletes. It has also been found to be strong in cognitive conditions such as aging and learning disorders where learning capacities are expected to be diminished. Mapping of neuroelectric brain function suggests neuroplasticity levels may be increased with NeuroTracking.


Ultimately, it’s measurable improvement in real world abilities that are sought after, known to be difficult to attain with contemporary interventions. Near transfer has been demonstrated with NeuroTracker training, revealing significant improvements with different populations in many high-level cognitive faculties, such as executive function and working memory. These are known to be essential to mental performance, and to be critically impaired across a wide range of cognitive related conditions. Gains in abilities to read and interpret human body motion have been shown, and far transfer has been observed in outcomes of sports competitions.


What to Know

NeuroTracker uses a computer or large screen and requires the use of special 3D glasses. After the initial baseline testing, Dr. Maria will determine a care plan for your specific goals, and you will be able to do the brain training sessions from home. 

BrainScore Session Example

If you are interested in doing initial baseline tetsing, please schedule an appointment by calling the office at (208)726-6010!

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